My first memory of the Polaroid was at a friend’s birthday party at the age of five.
The image is of me standing next to my kindergarten school friend who is holding a Battle Cat action figure from the then popular television cartoon He-Man.
He-Man being the most powerful man in the universe at the time, I thought.

Of course my friend being the birthday boy, utterly refused to let me hold it in the process of being photographed.
Something that I will always remember.

What I loved most of all about the Polaroid even at this early age, was the fact that it was so instant.
You didn’t have to wait for your photographs to come back from the local chemist.

I loved to watch the image appear to me slowly; even though people would shake the Polaroid brutally, thinking that this would help the development process.
You never quite knew what you were going to end up with as the chemicals did their job.

Through modification of several old Polaroid cameras and purchasing close to one hundred boxes of Polaroid in early 2001, I have managed through countless hours of experimentation to create images that appear seamless in colour and depth, while keeping the trend of the square Polaroid format alive.
Something that was once, and I still believe is, retro cool.

Whilst on holidays or on photographic assignments, I continued to create an immediate communication through these images in the form of picturesque landscapes, architecture, and objects that we see everyday, which I find visually interesting.

This is how my obsession started.